Dr. med. Sebastian Lorenz Metzlaff

Dr. med. Sebastian Metzlaff

Specialist for orthopeadic and trauma surgery (Doctor of medicine)
  • Surgical focus:
    Surgical focus: Full spectrum of knee- and shoulder surgery, large joints arthroplasty
  • Additional qualifications:
    Special trauma surgery, certified knee surgeon (German Knee Association, DKG)

Specialist for the knee joint

Sebastian Metzlaff (MD, Doctor of medicine) is specialised in the orthopeadic treatment of upper and lower limbs. His main focus lies on arthroscopic and open knee procedures, including arthroscopic meniscus surgeries, anterior cruciate ligament repairs, chondrocyte transplantation, mechanical leg axis corrections as well as arthroplasties. Furthermore he performs arthroscopic shoulder and ankle procedures.

Since 2008, Dr. Sebastian Metzlaff has been practicing medicine in Berlin and since 2023 as Orthopeadic surgeon in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Dr. Sebastian Metzlaff is pleased to provide consultations in German and English.

Dr. med. Sebastian Metzlaff ist Zertifizierter Kniechirurg der DKG
  • 2001-2007 Medical studies at Charité University Medicine Berlin, medical licensure in 2007
  • 2008-2013 Residency Orthopeadic and Trauma surgery at Martin-Luther-Hospital, Berlin (Prof. Hertel, Prof. Petersen)
  • 2013-2014 Residency Orthopeadic and Trauma surgery at the university hospital Münster (Prof. Raschke)
  • 2014 Recognition as specialist in Orthopaedic and Trauma surgery, Medical Chamber Westfalen-Lippe
  • 2015 Orthopeadic and Trauma specialist at St. Joseph hospital, Berlin (Dr. Johnen)
  • 2015 Acting as Consultant Orthopeadic and Trauma surgery at St. Joseph hospital, Berlin (Dr. Johnen)
  • 2016 Doctoral thesis: “Surgical treatment of acute acromioclavicular joint dislocations: hook plate versus minimally invasive reconstruction.“ (KSSTA)
  • 2017 Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma surgery at St. Joseph hospital, Berlin (Dr. Johnen)
  • 2017 Senior Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma surgery at St. Joseph hospital, Berlin (Dr. Johnen)
  • 2017 Primary surgeon for the Center for Arthroplasty at St. Joseph hospital, Berlin (Dr. Johnen)
  • 2019 Additional qualification in Special Trauma surgery, medical chamber Berlin
  • 2019 Recognition as proxy accident insurance consultant (Durchgangsarzt)
  • 2021 Certified Knee surgeon, German Knee Association
  • 2021 Certification as Center for Knee surgery in the areas of arthroplasty, sports orthopeadics, trauma surgery and pediatric knee surgery at St. Joseph hospital
  • Since 2021 Head of Center for Knee surgery at St. Joseph hospital, Berlin
  • Since 2023 independently established as part of a group of Orthopaedic and Trauma surgeons. Contracted with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians providing services for patients with both public and private health insurances
  • Certified Knee surgeon (German Knee Association, DKG)
  • Certificate in Radiology for skeletal and emergency diagnostics
  • Member of the „Meniscal and Cartilage“-committee of the German Knee Association (DKG)
  • Association for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery (AGA)
  • German Knee Association (DKG), Cartilage- and Meniscus-Committee
  • AO Foundation
  • German Association für Orthopeadic and Trauma Surgery (DGOU)
  • German Association for Orthopaedics and Orthopeadic Surgery (DGOOC)
  • Quality circle Cartilage-repair and Joint preservation (QKG)