Dr. med. Michael-Mueller ist Orthopäde in Berlin-Charlottenburg

Dr. med. Michael Müller

Specialist consultant in orthopaedic surgery (Doctor of medicine)
  • Surgical focus:
    Reconstructive shoulder and knee surgery
  • Qualifications:
    Sports medicine, manual therapy, acupuncture, x-ray

Specialist for shoulder surgery

Dr. med. Michael Müller is specialized in orthopaedic surgery of the upper and lower limb. His focus is shoulder surgery, open or arthroscopic rotator cuff reconstruction, shoulder stabilization and shoulder joint replacement. In addition, arthroscopic surgery of elbow, knee and ankle joint.

Dr. med. Michael Müller specialized in shoulder and sports surgery with Prof. GAC Murrell in Sydney, Australia. He practices as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon since 2003 in Berlin and joined  ORTHOPÄDIE Berlin-Charlottenburg in 2017.

Dr. med. Michael Müller takes care of his patients in German, English and Spanish.

  • Studies of Medicine, University RWTH Aachen
  • License to practice medicine 1994
  • Doctorate M.D. University RWTH Aachen 1995
  • Specialist training in orthopaedic surgery with Prof. Dr. med. G. Biehl (Köln) and Dr. ER. Norton (Keighley, UK), in general surgery with Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. V. Schumpelick (Aachen)
  • Specialist training in orthopaedic surgery with Priv. Doz. Dr. med. K. Büttner-Janz (Berlin)
  • Certified as specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery
  • Postgraduate training in shoulder surgery (one year fellowship) with Prof. GAC Murrell (Sydney, Australia)
  • Since 2003 own practice as consultant orthopaedic surgeon for private and public patients
  • Diagnostic Radiology of the skeletal system
  • Ultrasound diagnostic of the locomotor system
  • Qualification in diving medicine (GTÜM e.V.)
  • Acupuncture
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